Esta Matković | Branje scenarija


'Reading a screenplay'
In Ljubljana, in context of Osmo/za Esta will propose reading of the screenplay, a work in progress of self-organized residency. 'Reading a screenplay', a text to be read out-loud by performers. It is a reading performance. The base of performance is an artists’ book, documentation with her lovers about subjects love, intimacy, borders, queer space, feminist approach, speculation, law making, contracted space, permeability with the audience, etc.
She has published book in September 2017 (publisher: a.pass).

She would be happy to see familiar faces in this shared moment of experiencing the reading.

“Her presence is a large part of the work. I’m intrigued how she approaches the idea of a contract as space (shared-space). This comes from her background of architecture and is perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the work. In relationship with people such as Sylvia Wynter, her project starts to pull-apart the Foucaultian biometric grid that is the western (male) structure that our society is built from (and within which intimacy exists). Through this work suddenly a link is made possible with references from feminist/non-white writers and theoreticians because the work is initially so micro- yet that very idea of intimacy through the administrative/bureaucratic expands the breadth of its (possible) influence. It is a different kind of practice where the artist herself is not the center of attention but part of the whole. Impressive. Vulnerable and transparent.”

Huib Haye van der Werf about the book.
(curator for TAAK and head of the artistic program at Jan van Eyck academy)


Esta Matković is a researcher, social choreographer and architect.
Her last study was at postmaster research program a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) in Brussels, 2017. She has concluded MA of Arts in dance dissemination, Cologne 2015. Before that she has finished MA of architecture in Ljubljana, 2011.
Her work is always based in sociological study of the spaces. In Cologne she got involved more and more with social choreography and space-body relation. ‘a.pass’ environment supported placement of ideas onto her body, own experience, as guinea pig laboratory-alike artistic process, mostly concerned with intimacy, borders, contracts, social fiction, performativity, etc.

Her last work was one year long process of being in laboratory-alike relationship with her lovers. By creating a distance with own self this work allows process, which observes everyday life and therefore exposes its mechanisms. At the moment she is working with documentation as performative material in some contemporary art space.