About Osmo/za

Osmo/za is an art production and development center, cultural venue and residential space located in the center of Ljubljana on the 8th floor of a skyscraper built in the 1960s. It functions as an art-community hub, where the diverse creative and intellectual activity of individuals with different backgrounds - artists, researchers, programmers, designers, technologists, producers - is intertwined.

Osmo/za was established in 2017 by three non-governmental cultural organizations with a long history of activities in the field of contemporary arts, science and technology - Delak Institute, Projekt Atol Institute and Ljudmila.  Ljudmila is a laboratory for developing art, science and technology based on community and open-source approaches, Delak is a production house that researches post-gravitational art and the culturalization of space, and Projekt Atol deals with the intertwining of art and technological and scientific research.

In addition to the exhibition space, where we present art projects and productions, osmo/za includes two residency studios for international artists and a well-equipped workshop. An important part of our public activities are also educational and discursive content (lectures, round tables, workshops, open laboratories), which are intended to promote an inclusive and critical society, technological literacy and offer support for various communities and organizations.

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