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Dynamic collages with Processing

Anna Carreras

Applications: (until Thursday, 24 March)
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Ljudmila's On-the-Fly artist-in-residency Anna Carreras, will teach you the basics of coding in Processing, then use collage techniques in combination with code to create unique dynamic graphics and an unlimited number of variations. Previous workshop results


Anna Carreras

Anna Carreras is a Barcelona-based creative coder and digital artist interested in the complexity that emerges from simple behaviors. In her work, she uses generative algorithms, creative code, and interactive technology as a means of communication and experience generator. She develops interactive installations to explore new emerging narratives encouraging the audience to participate and promote their collaboration. Anna teaches creative coding in various design schools and faculties in Barcelona. She received several awards for her work, including a Cannes Golden Lion for Interactive Projects in 2010 and Google DevArt (art made with code) Award in 2014. She has developed and exhibited interactive and digital installations for Cosmocaixa, Expo Zaragoza, Forum Barcelona, and Sónar Innovation Challenge, to name a few. Last year, she was invited to participate in the inaugural collective exhibition for Feral File.

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