Blaž Pavlica | DIY Dirty Video Mixer


In the workshop mentored by Blaž Pavlica, the participants will get to know the basics of the video feedback loop, with which we can create a feeling of endless space in projections or videos. This basic space can be manipulated with camera movements and various video effects, allowing us to further develop the geometry of this ever-changing space and the creation of "moving fractals". In more complex setups, the feedback loop becomes less predictable, even chaotic, as the noise and "errors" of the screen and the cameras grow into new shapes.

Additional effects can be achieved using video mixers and effects in the feedback loop. That is why the workshop participants will also assemble a "dirty video mixer" - the simplest video mixer there is. By mixing two video signals without screen synchronization, it prevents correct reading of the signal, causing errors in the video. The mixer also allows for mixing the audio signal into the video signal. This creates horizontal lines, the thickness of which depends on the frequency of the sound. The mixer is thus very useful for working with video loops and for creating glitches.

The workshop is suitable for everyone – no prior knowledge is needed.


Blaž Pavlica

Blaž Pavlica (SI/NL) is an audio-visual artist, audio engineer, DJ, and programmer from Ljubljana. Currently, he lives in Utrecht and works as a web developer. He has performed with his audio-visual improvisational collective PRSA Ensemble, at the start with audio and generative melodies, but slowly transitioned to analog video feedback techniques and lastly to generative geometry and real-time 3D rendering. He is interested in live coding in spatial sound formats and the new synthesis and effects that are possible in them.