Opening and discussion: Wednesday, 18 December at 19:00

The exhibition is on view every workday from 19 January – 7 February, 15:00–19:00

2.8 billion years from now, the average global temperature on Earth will reach 147 Celsius. The final vestiges of life, simple sub-terrestrial microbes taking refuge at the poles, will become extinct. This hugely significant moment in Earth’s history will pass by unnoticed. The project 2.8B420K proposes a monument, known as ‘The Object’, to commemorate this transition from biological to post-biological, and mark the end of all life on Earth.


The exhibition will open with a discussion with the artist Andy Gracie and researchers in the fields of geology, art history and anthropology Rok Brajkovič, Blaž Vičič, Matthew Wolf-Meyer and Beti Žerovc. The discussion will be moderated by Tjaša Pogačar

In dialogue with the project’s idea a special thematic issue of Šum journal has been published. Free copies of the 19th issue titled Models of Extinction and edited by Maks Valenčič and Tisa Troha will be available at the opening event. 



Andy Gracie

Andy Gracie works on the intersection of art and science and within various disciplines such as installation, robotics, sound, video and biology. His artistic practice is characterised by an in depth engagement with process, scientific methodologies and the nature of experiment. Here ‘experiment’ refers both to the act of acquiring knowledge and information through testing scenarios, and to the act of trying out unknown or untested processes. He is interested in how as humans we imagine, simulate and inhabit scenarios that test our understanding and our imagination of the future. The current expression of these ideas is in a body of work that outlines the psychology, culture and aesthetics of disaster and the impermanence of humanity on a cosmic scale.

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