Carole Thibaud | Rayograph


Rayograph (also called photogram) is a technique dating from the earliest days of photography consisting of putting more or less translucent objects on photosensitive paper or film and then exposing it to light and processing. Man Ray, who says have invented this practice, describes the photogram not as a mechanical copy but an unpredictable pictorial adventure.

In this 4 hours workshop, we will create 16mm black & white rayograph loops with 16mm print stock, objects brought by the participants, flash lights and chemicals. We'll make moving images sequences considering the film not as a succession of photograms but as a graphic and luminous continuity animated by the shutter of the projector in 24 frames per second.
Next to the magic of photo-chemical image creation, this workshop aims to be a nice collective experience, with people sharing ideas and putting their creativity together.


Carole Thibaud