Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory: Data Landscapes


Data visualisation workshop

Mentors: Marko Plahuta & Matic Potočnik (tech field), Stella Ivšek & Anja Romih (Beam Team) (art field)

Thursdays starting from 24 March 2022 | 17.00 to 20.00

Applications and information (until 25 February 2022): / 031 401 556 (Katerina)

A permanent fixture of the Lighting Guerrilla Festival, the Laboratory will focus on databases and data visualisation research in 2022. At the end of the workshop, the participants will design four dynamic graphics under the guidance of mentors. Their works will be exhibited in the windows of the ZVKDS gallery in Ljubljana as part of the Lighting Guerrilla festival in May 2022. During the seven sessions of the workshop, the participants will get acquainted with databases and open-source tools for programming visualisations, and after a theoretical introduction, they will set out on an exploration of the field of data visualisation. They will create new artworks based on selected data related to the city of Ljubljana (e.g. weather data from the ARSO station, noise indicator data, traffic data, etc.) and visualise them using open source tools such as Processing, NodeBox, D3, Leaflet, etc.

During summer, the Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory will be hosted by HEKA Lab in Koper, established under the auspices of KID Pina. During the four-day residency, artists will adapt their works using visualised data from the local environment. The newly created works will be presented at the IZIS festival in September 2022.

The workshop is free of charge and is aimed at artists and developers interested in working with databases and data visualisation. Applications with a short CV and portfolio will be accepted until 25 February 2022.


Marko Plahuta

Marko Plahuta is a computer scientist and software developer specialising in data mining. In the past few years his work has focused on data visualisations (e.g. as part of the award-winning Objektivno team at Dnevnik newspaper), on the development of software solutions and on projects related to machine learning, ranging from object detection to emotion classification.

Matic Potočnik

Matic Potočnik is a computer scientist working in software development and analysis who has collaborated with various artists, from Saša Spačal to Matej Stupica and Jaka Berger, Tilen Sepič and Dominik Mahnič.

Beam Team

Stella Ivšek and Anja Romih (BEAM TEAM / V2V) are intermedia artists working in sound visualisation, video animation and set design. They curate Ljudmila’s V2V series and are award-winning VJs performing under monikers 5237 and SMECH at various festivals, clubs and concerts in Slovenia and abroad. 



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