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ADELA | Plastic Generations


Generative modelling for 3D printing

MENTORS: Blaž Miklavčič & Luka Frelih

PARTICIPATION: The workshop is free of charge. A basic knowledge of three-dimensional design or printing is recommended. To join, you must apply in advance using the application form.

Generative or algorithmic 3D modelling is a technique in which spatial shapes are not directly defined. Instead, rules or procedures and parameters or data are set to generate them. This can create complex organic forms or simulate physical, biological and chemical processes that generate unique, sometimes unpredictable structures. The algorithm and parameters can also be changed several times and restarted from scratch – without the effort that such changes would require in a conventional modelling process.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the tools and techniques of generative 3D modelling and try out two modern 3D printing technologies: the already quite widespread FDM and a newer innovation, the much more precise resin LCD printer, which uses UV light to solidify layers of a liquid photopolymer.

For the modelling, we will use software with a visual interface of nodes and links to create sequences and tree structures of algorithmic steps and to modify their parameters. This will also allow developers who are not used to coding in classical textual programming languages to learn and apply the concepts of generative and algorithmic modelling, the use of randomness and mathematical noise, and physical simulation.

Experienced tutors Luka Frelih and Blaž Miklavčič will also present a historical overview of the use of generative processes in contemporary art and design. After the workshop, the designs will be printed, and the results will be presented to the public at the Parameter generative arts fair at Kino Šiška.


Blaž Miklavčič

Blaž Miklavčič studied fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana. He lives in Amsterdam (NL) and works in VFX and digital media. The primary focus of his artistic research is the simulation of organic and biomorphic systems.

Luka Frelih

Luka Frelih is an artist working with computers and networks, a computer programmer, a free software hacker and web designer. He's been a core member of LJUDMILA – Ljubljana Digital Media Lab since its founding in 1994. He maintains Ljudmila’s 3D printers and regularly participates in collaborations connecting technology and art.

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